Edwina Reinspired Handbags - Reclaimed * Reinspired * Repurposed
-Miscellaneous Bag Sold at "Excavating Treasures Annual  Boutique Event" 

Designer Edwina has been joyfully designing and hand-making original handbags out of recycled materials for over a decade in the Bay Area of California. Her creative passion began years ago while playing on her mother's old sewing machine. To her surprise, slowly one by one, her designs disappeared into the hands of supporting admirers. She has been sewing diligently ever since!
 All of her handbags are made using reclaimed fabric remnants and already existing materials. Edwina's handbags cultivate a bit of history and spirit while uniting a global desire to lessen our foot print on earth!   

Edwina specializes in
 one of a kind designs as well as limited edition series. 
She also styles personalized custom bags and sells to exclusive 
clothing boutiques all over the world including Japan and Canada. Edwina is an excellent fabric consultant who desires each of her designs to be contiguous and special to its owner. Constructed and designed one bag at a time in an inspiring environment encouraged by motivated ECO-loving enthusiasts like herself. 

Miscellaneous    Edwina is a clairvoyant fabric specialist who has a deep understanding and love for resourceful artistry and quality strewn textiles. She thrives creatively when she transforms these unique materials, that would have otherwise been ignored, into refined art. 
     Edwina is extremely passionate about her ever growing collection of unique fabrics and her relentless quest never fails as she scours thrift stores, fabric houses and secret yard sales to fill her fabric crop!

See for yourself how uniquely special each creatiom is...

-Miscellaneous Bag  in " Park Sling" Sold as a Custom Order